Solid Melodic Techno / Stil vor Talent Style FL Studio Template (Exclusive Full Licence)

Solid Melodic Techno Ghost Production

Ghost Productions

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What you can do with Exclusive Full Licences?
- Releasing on a record label under your name
- Resell the rights to the master
- Renaming the master
- Distribute or resell the project files
- Register the copyrights under yourself or a company

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The template is based on the styles that have been working, cosmic and melodic sounds, based on melodic techno, with potential structure designed from FL Studio 12 with original sounds and without any external vst, all sound carries the quality of original. Inspired by Stil vor Talent, Sasha Carassi, Afterlife Records.

What will you get?:
- Mastered & Unmastered File.

Bonus Template:
- BPM: 130
- Duration: 05:41
- Size: 80 MB
- DAW: Fl Studio 12.2 or above
- Only FL Studio Internal VST
- Fully Mixed & Mastered

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