Orion Techno - Ableton Template (Charlotte De Witte style) by 8Loud (Exclusive Full Licences)

Orion Techno - Charlotte De Witte Style Ghost Production

Ghost Productions

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Quick and easy way to create your techno track, exclusive Serum patches within the package. Start your track with a perfect mixed & mastered project. Inspired by Charlotte de Witte. This template will help you to get inspired and learn how to create Charlotte de Witte Style Techno tracks in Ableton Live.

What will you get?:
- Mastered & Unmastered File.

Bonus Template:
- Daw: Ableton Live 10
- Duration: 07:06
- File Size : 1,57GB
- 21 Channels, 5 Groups (Drum, Ritmica, Synths, Hard Leads, Fx)
- Mixed & Mastered Project
- Plugins:
  - Serum
  - Izotope Ozone 7
  - Replika XT
  - Native Instruments Ableton Plug Ins

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