Judgement / Trance FL Studio Template

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Going through the project, you will gain great insight on the processing of individual channels and mixing uplifting trance in FL Studio,
through the use of EQ, Compression, Delay & more.

This template comes loaded up with full arrangement (as heard in the audio demo), Mixing, FX chains, MIDI data and Automation.
It all comes loaded with all the samples and synth presets, so you'll get what you hear in the demo (if you have these synths & plugins).

Please make sure you have the latest versions of the synths & plugins listed so all is working perfectly.

DAW: FL Studio 20

Vst's Used:

FX Plugins Used:
FabFilter Plugins
Maag EQ4

Track is copyrighted to State Control Records & melodies are provided for demo purposes only.
You cannot release this template 1 by 1 as your own or use any of the melodies in your own tracks.
Provided strictly for learning purposes only.