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Aequor Sound present Fat Bass Pack by Methodub

We all love to use loops to complement quick sketches. But sometimes, when you don't know where to start, a good loop can become  basis.
Methodub created 60 bass loops in different styles of 4 x 4  electronic dance music from 123 to 126 bpm. Sixty bass lines, from deep classic tones to vibrant digital.
And these loops can be both a complement to existing ideas, and the basis for completely new ones.
Bpm & Key Labeled!

Methodub is an electronic musican from Ukraine.
He works in various genres: from dub & ambient techno to deep & melodic progressive house. In his production, Methodub adheres to a deep atmospheric sound with lots of textures.
He considers himself to be more of a sound designer that writing music than a musician who creating a sound design.
Methodub - artist of such labels like Incepto, Microbios, Lincor, COOD, Inmost etc.


60 Bass Loops

123 bpm x 7
124 bpm x 27
125 bpm x 19
126 bpm x 5

118 Mb of Content
60 files in Total
24 Bit 44.1kHz WAV
100% Royalty-Free

After purchasing this product, you can freely use all sounds from this pack in your commercial works and projects.